Although the 4x5" format is by far the most common large-format film size, many situations demand the use of the superior 8x10" image. Only Toyo can combine the 8x10" large format film size with an all metal body and put it in a package suitable to be used in the field. The Toyo Field 810 MII is a light-weight folding 8x10" field camera with all metal alloy construction and format reducing capability to 5x7" and 4x5" formats.


Independent locks on all movements, reversible 8x10 back and a pro-black matte finish.

Accepts many Toyo Modular system accessories, including interchangeable wide-angle bellows, backs and viewing accessories.


- Reversible Back with Easy load Bail Arm 

- Acid Etched Grid Ground Glass 

- Pre-drilled #0 Lens Board 

- Dual Axis Spirit Levels

- Ground Glass Protective Cover

Toyo-View 810 MII 10x8 Folding Metal Field Camera

SKU: 180-225